Your Elder Care Concierge

You don't realize how precious time is until there's not enough of it!

by Ray Marrero, Esq.

My mission is simple - I work with busy professionals in making the best choices involving elder care planning and management issues of their aging parents or their loved ones.

You've made the commitment to be successful at work and home and you're already stretched to the limit for time. There simply is not enough hours in the day to conduct research and perform due diligence by visiting nursing homes; or waiting on the phone for 20 minutes to speak to an indifferent financial or medical gate-keeper.

I want to be a source of information and comfort during one of the most trying times you will ever face.

Are you ready to be a Caregiver?

Let me be frank - no one is ever prepared to care for an aging parent; especially when you're involved in a crisis situation.

I'll never forget receiving an email from my younger brother in 2015 asking me to quit my job in Japan and return to San Diego to take care of my parents because he was running out of vacation time!

Two days later I was at my parents' house and discovered that my parents' condition was even worse than my brother had stated! Suddenly, my role changed from being a son to being responsible for my parents financial and physical care and well-being.

Taking care of my parent's health, finances, and welfare will be an ongoing challenge into the foreseeable future...and has already had a dramatic impact on my relationship with friends and family; my legal career; and at times my physical and mental balance.

It's never a good time

If you're lucky, you will have an early warning that something is wrong with an elderly loved one and can start planning ahead for his or her care.

Unfortunately, it is more likely that you will be facing the dilemma trying to make more hours in the day when faced with an accident or slow-motion crisis facing the elderly.

  • Your mother fell and is now hospitalized with a broken hip. She will recover, but she will need constant help at home.
  • It could be like my father's situation where the onset of dementia made him increasingly erratic and hostile, especially in the early evenings (the infamous "sundowning" syndrome). My mother could barely cope with his behavior and his constant wandering away from the house and getting lost.

You may be the only person to step in and deal with the crisis and become the caregiver. Or, you may become the access point for a network of family members and friends willing to help care for your elderly senior.

Whatever the situation, it's easy to feel isolated and not even sure of the next step, or maybe even the first step to take.

A source of information and comfort

As your dedicated "Elder Care Concierge", I understand that every elder care situation is unique. 

Whether it's dealing with Alzheimers or another form of dementia or assisting in the recovery from an injury or understanding possible benefits available through Medicare and/or the VA etc.

Together we will review your loved one's medical history, financial resources, personality, relationships with potential caregivers, proximity to services and other factors all determine the best approach to take.

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